Emma McEwen

Le Gateau Chocolate, 2022
Oil on canvas, 91 cm by 122 cm
£5000 unframed, £5300 framed

Emma McEwen is a painter who lives and works in North East London, an area renowned for its vibrant Queer cabaret scene. Her paintings celebrate the colourful drag kings, drag queens and cabaret performers who are such an integral part of her home and life, not to mention the wonderful stories they tell.

Emma’s body of work accentuates an artistry very much focused on capturing the raw quality of her subjects, enabling their characters to shine, contrasting sharply with hyper-realistic fine-art styles. In her paintings, drawing and prints, one can expect to find a strong motivation to connect the audience with the subject and the subject with the world, enabling a universal resonance with her subject matter. She currently studies at the Heatherley School of Fine Art, and has sold and exhibited around London. 

Kings, Queens and Cabaret is Emma’s latest show, a series of painted portraits of a menagerie of subjects proud of who they are and of their identities and places within the LGBTQI+ community and performing arts spaces of London’s diverse creative scene.

Le Gateau Chocolate, 2020